Donald Trump is the main reason for losing the election

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Donald Trump

Who is the President of the United States, the world’s desired vision was towards the US election? Although the election was held on November 3, the counting of votes was slow. Because, due to the coronavirus epidemic, this time more than 10 lakh votes have been received by post. That counting of votes is basically a delay. Before the final results were announced, Donald Trump declared himself president. Although there are still about 1 million votes left to be counted.

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He also demanded that the counting of votes be stopped. But the vote count did not stop. Four days after the election, the desired result finally came. The results show that Joe Biden is the non-Trump winner. The next four years of US power are in the hands of the Democrats. Incumbent President Donald Trump has lost by a clear margin.

According to the BBC, Joe Biden, who has been waiting for this day for the last 33 years, has won 279 electoral votes out of 48 states. His rival Donald Trump received 214 votes.But why Harlene Donald Trump? has tried to find out the reason for Trump’s loss:-

World pandemic coronavirus
International analysts and various media outlets see the Covid-19 epidemic as the main reason behind the defeat of Donald Trump and the victory of Joe Biden. Trump’s misbehavior during the epidemic has pushed him away from the election. Donald did not find the beginning of the epidemic. From the beginning, the epidemic has been dismissed as a ‘Chinese virus’. Directly opposed to the mask. Infectious disease specialists have also taken a hand. Chief infectious disease specialist said. His conflict with Anthony Fawcett was public. He also announced his dismissal if elected. Trump and his administration have been reckless on the streets, starting with the White House.


The economic downturn
Coronavirus has not only harmed human lives. The country is in the grip of the worst economic downturn in US history. Unemployment, one job after another, the decline in production of various companies, or a complete shutdown, etc., have brought down a terrible and unprecedented catastrophe in the economy.

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