January 29, 2022

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is as follows:

Our website address: https://banglabbcnews.com

Bangla Bbc News News is committed to your personal information and protection while you are using our Bangla Bbc News website.

This Privacy Policy relates to the use of any such information and is collected from readers through the following other services.

Bangla Bbc News website that links to this privacy and cookies policy;
Other websites include social media or official Bangla Bbc News content;

Mobile devices and/or applications.

For all of the above services, the Privacy Policy will only apply when the website or its content is produced by Bangla Bbc News.

Bangla Bbc News collects or receives user information for different users; For example, providing information designed to serve the user, monitoring and improving service offers for marketing or targeted advertising, such information may include your name, address, mobile number, email address, age, social account, etc.

Use of cookies
Bangla Bbc News does not collect any user data based on cookies, nor does it store any user information that may be private to the user. If any third party associated with the Bangla Bbc News website collects cookies from users during your visit to the Bangla Bbc News website, Bangla Bbc News does not control the use of these cookies. Thus, visitors/users should check the relevant third-party websites.